Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, I just got back from Amsterdam on Sunday. Recovering still from both jetlag and over-indulgence of dutch pastries. Including this one. This beautiful, delicate and simple dutch treat. It's a take on the classic stroopwafel, which is basically sweet sweet treacle sandwiched between two waffle-type biscuit cookies (koekjes in dutch) with a slight taste of cinnamon spice. This stroopkoeken is like that, but instead of a waffle koekje, it's this magnificently buttery shortbread cookie. Not too sweet, but made with real roomboter (creamed butter). Way better than the overrated stroopwafel, in my opinion. To warm them up, you place a cookie on top of your hot cup of coffee or tea for a couple minutes. The syrup melts a bit and gives the cookie a lovely warm,  just out of the oven taste. Oh man, I am getting hungry and it's too bad because I forgot to bring some back to the States with me. Makes me so sad. Now I'll have to peruse some dutch internet import company to get my hands on these lovely sweet treasures again. Or I should just figure out how to make them myself.

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  1. These sound heavenly. You better save some for me!! See you Sunday.