Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dutch random sweets

I realized I still have a ton of photos from my trip to Holland that I haven't had a chance to post about. Of course, they're all food related and of course they're mainly sweets. Take this one. These delectables were on offer at my cousin Marsha's house. She lives in the North of Holland with her lovely family.

From clockwise we have peanut cookies (kinda standard issue fare-not too exciting), but then we have these spekulaas sandwich cookies ( which are a type of gingerbread cookie that's usually in the shape of a windmill) with marzipan in the middle and then topped with slivered almonds. These are amazing -insanely dense and super sweet. Then there's the tompuce, which is the pale pink sandwich cookie with whipped cream. The top and bottom are a flaky buttery wafer that's just too good. In the middle we have some stroopwafel (which are the infamous cookies that everyone loves: two waffle-type cookies with a treacle syrup sandwiched in between). And of course some dark chocolate for good measure. Perfect after-dinner delights.

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