Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wisdom teeth woes

I haven't posted on my blog in over a month. It's been a treacherous month, food-wise. I've had my bottom two wisdom teeth taken out and eating has been a less than a enjoyable experience. I mean, I love me some peanut butter and banana soy milkshakes. But, when you're in pain, nothing tastes good. 

My point being, is that I have literally been living on smoothies, soups and mashed potatoes for too long. I'm ready to get back in the kitchen and cook up somethin tasty and maybe even crunchy! 

I'm off to PA this weekend to hang with my mom and I'm going to do my best to create healthy dishes that she can eat that won't cause her pain either. I'm thinking about braising lots of spring time vegetables and making mellow soups and stews. And of course a fair share of not-too-sweet desserts and breads! 

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  1. Give your mother a hug from me. I'm sure just having you there will raise her spirits and make her feel better.